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Strength For Today

I find myself overwhelmed these days. I want to run , I want to tunnel in, I want to find lasting rest; freedom from this dizzying pace. In seasons when I rush to and from medical appointments, trying to find a time to fit in grocery shopping can be a challenge. I miss that slower pace, recognize my need to unwind, remember a recent retreat (in Ireland). Together with other wounded warrior families, for an entire week Roger and I were blessed by lavish love. Such an amazing gift, having every one of my needs met- often without even asking. We came home, jolting into reality .  My teenage son was dealing with major health issues and urgent appointments needed to be made. Difficult conversations have peppered the weeks since our return- and even more medical appointments than usual. I am so very grateful for the respite granted, and when I close my eyes I can still see the lush greens that soothe and heal a heart battered by busy-ness. Now it seems there are dif