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A simple request this morning: restoration. A friend of a friend Kathi Macias  "uses her books to motivate and inspire on a range of social justice issues. But this was 'unexpected': the model for the cover of her latest book is a homeless man searching for his daughter. She's started a campaign to help the two reunite."  ~  Author, Jocelyn Green Here's the story: As I read, I felt the urge to pray, and as I prayed I understood- I would like to solve all this family's problems, yet God desires more. He would like to heal every wound. My prayer this holiday season is that God would provide in the extraordinary way he always does; for his ways, while often unexpected, are ultimately what fill and restore. Thank you Jesus for your great love for us. We have two wonderful celebrations nearing; a time to give thanks and a time to recognize the many gifts in our lives. While we celebrate lights and sou


It is easy to lose track of God in the midst of busyness. Some days I find my boundaries have unraveled and I am chasing flurries, mind and feet dashing from one activity to the next. My soul winds tight, twisting away from the tranquility that quiets heart and mind. At the end of the day I take stock; I accomplished much, but sometimes I wonder what is left that's of lasting value? Yes, some meaningful moments waltzed through this day. Yet I suspect the frazzled pace hindered that life giving connection which sustains. Sometimes I do too much only to find that it is not near enough; that's the trap in perfectionism. I aim and stutter and aim and stutter and discover the only way to soar is to seek stillness in the shadow of His wings. When I step out of the frenzy and seek his voice I hear the invitation to find security in Him and allow His wholeness to cover all. I cannot do and and be all- though sometimes I try. Peace is found when I release the schedule and the pace t