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Resolution: Restored Relationship

I don't usually make New Years resolutions. Not because I'm afraid I won't accomplish what I set my mind on. It has more to do with my world view, my life view, which has been radically transformed.  I tend to see the New Year as a re-set button. A time to evaluate lessons learned (usually through mistakes or messes) and a time to forgive myself for every place I fell short.   It's a time to take an honest look at what I can do better- throwing off all guilt-  a time to look at where improvement is reasonable  within the boundaries of the path marked out for me (in this season).  It's also a time for me to ask God how He wants to work in and through me in the coming year. A time to make sure my connection to Him is secure after the flurry of the holidays. A time to nestle in and drink deeply of His abundant grace and relentless love.  In His spirit, built on the foundation of grace and continuity (not merely the momentum of the upswing) I now seek a way to